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We are a local locksmith in Manhattan with thousands of residential clients. With 10 years of experience and counting, there’s no home locks and security systems that we cannot handle. Whether you need your keys duplicated or your locks replaced, Sherlocks is always there for you.

What To Do

When You Encounter Problems with Your Door Locks?

Owning a house or living in an apartment presents various challenges. Maintenance and security are among the most important issues that you should be prioritizing. Here are some of the problems that you will encounter and how to solve them:

Jammed Locks or Latches

Jammed locks or latches are usually caused by bigger issues within the locking system. A possible attempt at breaking in may have damaged the internal parts, which are quite sensitive.

On the other hand, older locks usually have debris buildup. These will eventually cause more problems. Other causes may include a broken bolt, stuck key, and others.

The first step is to determine the most obvious causes. Is it an old lock that is due for replacement? Did you notice other signs of forced entry? Did you break your key in the keyhole?

Your initial assessment of the problem will significantly help when you call Sherlocks. It will help our lock technicians to narrow down the potential problems in your lock. This allows them to provide the right service ranging from repair to replacement.

Broken Key Stuck in the Lock

Breaking your key in the lock is not only frustrating but time-consuming if you try to resolve it yourself.

It is important that you do not extract the broken piece using your tools at home. It will cause further damage that will lead to replacing your entire lock altogether.

Your residential door locks locksmith in Sherlocks are equipped with specialized tools to safely remove the broken key. Additionally, he can dismantle and reassemble the lock if needed. You can even ask your Sherlocks locksmith to get you a new copy of your key. 

Misaligned & Broken Locks

One of the most common problems that you will encounter is a misaligned lock. When the latch or bolt is not aligned correctly to the strike plate, it reduces the effectiveness of the locking mechanism. This makes your home vulnerable to easy break-ins. When left unchecked, misaligned locks can lead to more issues.

Fortunately, this problem is easy to spot. Once you notice that you are having a difficult time closing the door, it is time to call Sherlocks. Our expert lock technician will examine the root cause of the misaligned locks. It could be caused by the warping of a wooden door, improperly installed locks or more. With professionals handling the issue, you can be sure that all problems are addressed.

What to do when you have..

Loose Locks, Handles, or Knobs

It is easy to miss loose locks, handles, or knobs. After all, you are using these moving parts on a daily basis. Frequent use makes them susceptible to wear-and-tear. When it comes to your security, you should always have your locks in tiptop shape. These may seem like a minor problem, but loose locks are easy to pick or break into.

Do not worry! Sherlocks provides residential locksmith service that can help you resolve this issue. Loose lock parts can be caused by various root problems. A trained locksmith can easily identify these and provide solutions. Whether your lock

So, here are a few reasons to..

Why Choose Sherlocks


Licensed Home Locks Experts

Sherlocks Locksmith is composed of highly trained locksmiths with years of experience. They undergo extensive training on every type of residential locksmithing problems. Also, they have experience and proficiency in handling different types, models, and makes of locks, keys, and other security systems.

Our lock technicians undergo extensive background checks. This ensures that you are only working with a professional. When you work with a vetted locksmith from Sherlocks, you know you are safe and secure. 


Immediate Service

Solving residential security issues is our specialty. We know that every minute is crucial, especially when it comes to lock and security problems. With Sherlocks, you do not need to wait for hours for your locksmith. If you need a residential locksmith in Manhattan, Sherlocks is your best option.

One of our lock experts will be right at your doorstep in 20 minutes or less. They are trained to work efficiently and thoroughly. That means you can get on with your day like nothing happened!


Superb Customer Service

When you hire a Sherlocks locksmith, you are not only getting expert service. You can expect friendly and professional locksmiths who are eager to help you. We know that dealing with problems with your house or apartment is stressful enough. Our goal is to make you a happy customer.

From the moment we get your call, you become our top priority. Our lock technicians will provide you with all the information that you need with regards to your locks and security system. They will walk you through and explain the processes to ensure quality customer service at all times.  

Our Service Offerings

Sherlocks Locksmith provides residential services to the entire Manhattan area. With every residential locksmith service, you can expect: 

Home Lockouts

An effective lock or security system is designed to prevent anyone from unauthorized from gaining access to your home. Unfortunately, sometimes this could be you. You probably forgot your keys or lost it altogether. Do not try to forcibly open your door! Call Sherlocks instead.

Calling a professional locksmith will not only save you time but potential expenses as well. Our lock experts are trained to open doors and other locks without damaging the system itself. They use specialized tools to ensure your safety and your property as well.  

House/Apartment Lock Change

Locks are easily some of the most abused parts of your house. Aside from protecting your home from break-ins, they also suffer from daily wear and tear. That means it is important to make sure that they are always working properly.

Whether it is malfunctioning or due for an upgrade, it is important to schedule a lock change every couple of years. It is confusing and overwhelming to do it on your own. Call Sherlocks and ask one of our security experts. Our top priority is your security. That is why we provide the right information and services to homes in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Westchester, or Nassau County

Lock Repair

Surprisingly, many homeowners do not know that locks can be repaired into fully working conditions. It is a much affordable choice over lock replacement. Just like any other system, lock parts can be replaced and fixed. That is why it is important to have Sherlocks in your contacts.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have repaired practically most types of locks. Our skilled lock technicians can fix any type, model, and make of lock and security systems. Depending on the issue, your locks will be as good as new within an hour or less. 

Lock Rekeys

Rekeying your locks provides a multitude of benefits. It is an affordable way to retire old keys without changing your locking system. Additionally, you can rekey various locks in your home to work with only one key. When done by a lock technician, rekeying a lock should only take a few minutes.

Fortunately, Sherlocks is always ready to help you. If you want to change your existing set of keys into new ones, give us a call! This does not only save you money but increases your security as well.

And Other Residential Locksmith Work Such As..


Lock Fresh Installation

Are you confused about what type of lock best fits your home? Lock installation is a complicated process that requires a professional. They know different types of locks and models that work best with different types of doors and entryways. Lock experts also ensure that locks are installed properly for maximum security.

Here at Sherlocks, you can consult one of our lock experts when you are shopping for locking systems. We will help you choose and install locks that will protect your home and your family. Our friendly locksmiths are always ready to serve you. 


Residential Hardware

Making sure that your home is secure is crucial. And it starts with various residential security hardware. Installing, repairing, and maintaining these parts of your home can be confusing and overwhelming. That is why it is important to hire an expert who can do all these.

Sherlocks Locksmith residential services are specialized for homes and apartments. We have a team of experienced locksmiths who are always ready to provide assistance whenever you need advice, installation services, repair services, and more. Call us today!


Home Smart Locks

Upgrading to a smart lock is a great way to increase your home’s security. It also provides convenience using innovative technologies such as keyless locks, mobile apps, and more. However, they can be complicated to install and fix.

Here at Sherlocks, our locksmiths are always updated with new security technologies. We can handle smart security devices from smart door locks to integrated home security systems. We can help you set it up, troubleshoot issues, and upgrade components. 

And Last But Not Least

Residential Door Service

Doors are your home’s first line of defense from break-ins and burglary. That means it is important to keep your doors secure. Because they are used every day, it is common to find multiple problems, especially after years of use. Furthermore, it is often difficult to spot the root causes of these issues.

Sherlocks provide residential door service from installation to maintenance. Our security experts are equipped to handle practically all types of doors, such as wood, metal, glass, siling, and more. We conduct a thorough evaluation of the issue and provide you with a complete security solution. 

Home Safes

Did you know that locksmiths can handle safes and vaults too? These are designed to provide maximum security and protection to your belongings. That means you will need a specialist to handle safe lockouts, repairs, and maintenance.

Fortunately, we at Sherlocks have a team of safe locksmiths who specialize in such safe and vault services. Our experts can open safes, change and update combinations, install new safes, and repair safe issues. There is no need to wait for hours or days for other safe technicians to be available. Sherlocks safe specialists are always ready to help you any time of the day.


Sherlocks Locksmith has over 10 years of industry experience. We have served thousands of happy clients, and here are what some of them have to say: 

“My landlord recommended Sherlocks when I first moved in. I wanted to change my locks to make sure that I’m the only one with the keys. It turns out I only needed to have them rekeyed. Thanks for Sherlocks for suggesting a much cheaper option.”

Mildred Mcintyre

Lock Change

“Sherlocks helped me install my smart locks. I don’t know much about these locks, but I know I want to upgrade. Their locksmith taught me how to maintain and make sure that I’m maximizing the features of the lock.”

Tommy Evans

House Lockout

“I have a sticky door in my apartment, and I can’t figure out how to fix it. A quick all to Sherlocks was all it took. The locksmith was friendly and fast!”

Vaughn Mora

Storage Lockout

Some Of The

Lock Brands We Work With

Assa Abloy




Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to replace or install a lock?

Locks can be installed within 30 minutes, depending on the type of lock and door. Sherlocks can also modify and customize the locking system to ensure that you are fully protected. Our locksmiths arrive in 20 minutes or less. That means you can have a new lock within the hour.

What is rekeying a lock?

Rekeying means modifying the pins inside the locks so the old keys will no longer work. You can keep your existing locking system, but you will be using a new set of keys. It is great if you want to make sure that you are the only one who possesses copies of your keys.

How do I make sure that I’m only working with a licensed locksmith?

Call Sherlocks! We only work with licensed and vetted locksmiths. Additionally, we conduct extensive background checks to make sure that our locksmiths are trustworthy and fully-trained. 

And another..

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sherlocks as Your Manhattan Locksmith

Do not try to DIY your locks and security systems. These mechanisms are crucial when it comes to protecting your home and family. That is why it is important to let a lock expert handle these issues for you.

  1. Sherlocks locksmiths are licensed and trained
    We only work with locksmiths who are trained and licensed to ensure their skills and experience. They specialize in a wide range of residential locksmith services. Additionally, they are equipped with the latest tools of the trade to ensure high-quality service. .  
  2. Sherlocks locksmiths are trustworthy and vetted
    We know that your top priority is the security of your home and family. Sherlocks conducts all the necessary background checks to ensure that we only hire professionals. When you work with us, you can ensure that you are safe and secured. 
  3. Sherlocks locksmiths can get the job done right away
    You do not have to miss work just to deal with lock repairs or similar issues. Sherlocks locksmiths will arrive at your doorstep in 20 minutes or less. Depending on the issue, you can continue your day within the hour.


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