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Letting You In, Keeping others out.

Are you looking for 24/7 emergency residential or commercial locksmithing services in New York? We are a family-owned locksmith company dedicated to offering fast, friendly, and professional service. Think of us like the friend that’s always there for you, even when you call them sobbing at 3AM.

Locksmith Services in New York City

We offer immediate service around the clock, seven days a week, and are happy to take care of all your lock and key needs. Dial our number and we will happily:

Open Locked Doors

You stepped outside with the keys on the wrong side of the door. Or maybe you drank too much and your keys could be anywhere between Manhattan and Laguardia. We get it, and we’ll get you back inside.

Install/Replace Locks

Moving into a new place is an exciting time! We’ll find a lock that fits your budget. Oh, you’re not moving? Breakups are less exciting… but we’ll ensure that your crazy ex doesn’t come strolling back into your place any time soon.

Repair Locks

If your lock is so sticky that you need a pipe wrench to open it, well, it should be easier than that. We can work out the kinks for you


Stranded in a strange land with a car that won’t let you in? Don’t worry, we’ll talk to it for you. We speak “car” fluently.

Locksmith Manhattan services go beyond simple locks. Ask about our High-Security Systems. We take pleasure in turning houses into fortresses. We recognize that many of our customers are calling us during times of stress. That’s why we send our locksmiths with both a toolkit and a smile. Let us take the load off your mind.

21 Century Security Systems

High-Security Systems – Higher security measures means a more secure environment. Sherlocks will send trained professionals to install a High-Security system for your home or your work. Technology has moved fast in this age, leading to amazing security system advancements.

The new systems use security cameras, alarm systems and intercoms to create the perfect security system. Using your Smartphone, you can download an app to see exactly what your security camera sees, in real time. You can either use us, or our sister security system company Vertical Security.

There have been incredible advancements in security technology. High-security systems are better and more accessible than ever. Sherlock’s wants to help you feel safe. If you’re going to take higher security measures, make it a local family-owned business like Sherlocks

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24/7 residential and commercial locksmith services, we:

• Open Locked Doors

• Install Locks

• Repair Locks

• Automotive

• High-security Systems

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