Should You Believe In ‘Do Not Duplicate’ Keys?

You must have seen some keys stamped with the “Do Not Duplicate” sign on them. If you have one, but don’t have the courage or the will to get them duplicated with your local locksmith Manhattan firm, let’s set the record straight. The “Do Not Duplicate” keys are nothing special. In fact, they are the most commonly found keys on the market. The only reason they are treated so special by everyone is that of the imprinted message on them and the attached myth that they are unique. Yes, the biggest myth about them is that “Do Not Duplicate” keys are more secure. So, to clear it out; they are not more secure than your regular keys. The ‘Do Not Duplicate’ marking that you see on your keys is in fact meaningless. It is just a text that is stamped on your key, and there is nothing about it that makes them more secure or unique in any way.

Consumers have become to believe over time due to constant marketing that these keys are more secure despite the fact that these keys or the stamps on them provide absolutely no additional security to them and have no legal enforcement behind them. Truth be told; these keys are just like your ordinary keys, and the only benefit that they do is to the seller who gets to sell them to the consumer at a high price. So the next time you wish to duplicate a key, feel free to call your local locksmith Manhattan service.

According to reputed locksmith Manhattan firms there is another big myth that is associated with “DND” keys. Many consumers believe that due to their inbuilt security feature locksmith or key craftsmen find it very difficult to copy the key. The only way most key manufacturers are able to maintain the above-mentioned feature is by making their keys harder to copy either by means of design or material used.

In order to add extra security to their keys and make them high-security, some reputed brands often use specialized equipment to cut them. A perfect example of such designs is the engraved cut that makes these “DND” keys appear like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. They have impressions that are unique and can only be produced via specialized machines with the manufacturer. Another way to ensure that their keys are difficult to duplicate is to make sure that the distribution of the key-blank is limited and controlled. By doing so the manufacturers can actually limit the number of locksmith Manhattan NYC firms who can duplicate these keys. Interesting isn’t it?